Condiciones para realizar la venta de antigüedades en Madrid



The seller deposits the piece for sale at auction. The estimate is based on reasonable prices of recent auctions for similar pieces in conservation status, rarity, quality and provenance. This price does not constitute an appraisal and will usually be less than the real value of the lot.

The seller guarantees that it is the owner of the goods deposited or that it is validly authorized by the legitimate owner, thus being able to dispose of them free of claims, charges and other liens.

The seller grants GOYA SUBASTAS full right to photograph and reproduce the lots whose sale is entrusted to them.

If the seller, on its own initiative, proceeds to withdraw the lots before the auction is held, it must pay GOYA SUBASTAS, the 18% seller’s commission fees that would have been paid in the event of its sale at the agreed price, or at the maximum absentee bid received for that lot.

If it is deemed necessary, by mutual agreement between the seller and the company, the cleaning and / or restoration of any of the goods, or consultation with experts from outside the company, the expenses derived from them will be borne by the seller, even if the goods were unsold.

The descriptions on the lots published in the catalog respond to the criteria of GOYA SUBASTAS and as such criterion, they should not be taken as a fact. Buyers must form their own opinion before the auction, so the lots will be publicly exhibited at least seven days in advance.

GOYA SUBASTAS will not accept any responsibility as to the accuracy of its cataloging.

It also offers the valuations service for the distribution of lots, insurance, etc. Please contact GOYA SUBASTAS to know the rates. This service will be free if the assessed works are auctioned in this rooms.

GOYA SUBASTAS, in compliance with the provisions of Law 16/85 of the Spanish Historical Heritage, will inform the corresponding Local Authority and the Ministry of Culture, with due notice, of the contents of its catalogs. Likewise, it will notify the specific disposals that may be made in accordance with the provisions of current legislation.


On the assets subject to Law 16/85, the Administration may exercise its right of first refusal when the sale is made in public auction, only during the auction and stating its exercise at the time of the auction..

To the works subject to Legislative Royal Decree 1/1996, of April 12, which approves the revised text of the Intellectual Property Law, regularizing, clarifying and harmonizing the current legal provisions on the subject, GOYA SUBASTAS., Will apply the corresponding tax when />

The organization of the auction is the responsibility of GOYA SUBASTAS that will fix the date and time of the auction, the lots that it includes, its order and the description thereof, in order to obtain the best final result.

The liquidation of the sold works will be made once the lots have been previously paid by the buyers.

Unless otherwise indicated by the seller, the company may sell the unsold lots after the auction, respecting the reserve price agreed with the seller.

After one month from the day of the auction without the sold lots having been removed by the seller, GOYA SUBASTAS, is authorized to include them again in an auction, deducting 30%/40% of the previous initial price. The unsold lots that after three months have not been collected by the seller or included back on sale or agreed a new initial price for future sales between the seller and MADRID SUBASTAS SL will be out of coverage of the General Insurance that the company has contracted for your stocks.

In the event that the seller does not wish to re-auction the piece and one month has elapsed since the auction without having removed it from the room, it must pay storage costs of € 6 per day from that date.

In the event of litigation between GOYA SUBASTAS and the buyer or seller, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid, waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.

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