Las condiciones para el comprador de antigüedades


The lots will be sold to the highest bidder.

The auction previews are open to the public and are free of charge. GOYA SUBASTAS specialists are available to customers to provide information and condition reports during exhibitions or by appointment.

Interested customers are advised to review the lots before the auction takes place.

Clients should read carefully the general conditions on the terms in which the lots are purchased at auction.

When in the catalog it is specified "Consult Department", please contact Goya Subastas for more information.

The hammer price will increase by 18.75% buyer’s premium and 21% VAT corresponding to them (Total 22,68%)

The auctioneer will be a judge and arbitrator appointed by GOYA SUBASTAS for this purpose. In the event that a lot presents problems of adjudication in terms of auction price or identity of the buyer, the auctioneer will decide the award or may auction it again in the same session.

The bids are established according to the following scale:


Value lots auctioned Increments 
From 1 € to 100 € 10 €
From 100 € to 500 € 25 €
From 500 € to 1.000 € 50 €
From 1.000 € to 2.000 € 100 €
From 2.000 € to 5.000 € 250 €
From 5.000 € to 10.000 € 500 €
From 10.000 € to 20.000 € 1.000 €
From 20.000 € to 50.000 € 2.500 €
From 50.000 € to 100.000 € 5.000 €
From 100.000 € to 200.000 € 10.000 €
From 200.000 € to 500.000 € 25.000 €
From 500.000 € en adelante 50.000 €

In any case, according to their experience, the Auctioneer may vary the bidding system in specific cases.

The Spanish Authorities reserve the right of trial and retraction on the lots that are auctioned and may exercise the right of first refusal in the act of the auction or the retraction within the terms established by law.

GOYA SUBASTAS will accept written bids that will be formalized in the forms provided for this purpose by GOYA SUBASTAS until 2:00 p.m. on the day of the auction. In these bids, the saleroom will represent the buyer up to the maximum indicated in his offer, awarding the lots at the lowest possible price. In the event that there are two offers for the same amount, the one deposited with an earlier date will have priority. In the same way written bids have priority over those made in the act of the Auction.

Telephone bids may be requested on lots which estimate price is equal to or greater than 600 €, which must also be formalized and submitted in the bidding forms provided by the saleroom. Phone bid conversations can be recorded. A request for a telephone bid implies that the bidder is already offering the low estimate.
The saleroom is not responsible for the lack of telephone contact or the loss of it. In that case, the saleroom will award at the initial price to the bidder.

GOYA SUBASTAS may not accept bids from clients whose solvency is not duly accredited, as well as not award the auctions.

All measurements are approximate and GOYA SUBASTAS is not responsible for any typographical errors.

he descriptions of the lots in the catalog only include alterations or substantial modifications. The absence of references regarding the state of conservation does not imply being free of defects or restorations. Please contact the saleroom for the condition report on a particular lot.
All the descriptions included in the catalogs are the opinion / judgment of the specialists of GOYA SUBASTAS and do not constitute any guarantee or certificate of reality. Potential buyers should, for greater security, inspect each lot and / or, if necessary, consult with an expert before purchasing.

The lots purchased by the buyers will be delivered in the state observed in the exhibition, without accepting claims about restorations, damages, breakages, etc. Although they have not been included in the catalog entry.

The payment and withdrawal of the lots will be made within a period not exceeding seven days from the auction, in order to be able to pay the previous owner on time.

Customers should contact GOYA SUBASTAS as soon as possible after the auction to know the outcome of their offers to avoid unnecessary storage costs.

Once the period has elapsed, seven days, without the buyer having removed the purchased lot or lots, will incurr custody and storage charges of 6€ per day per lot . GOYA SUBASTAS is not responsible for any damage caused to the parts after that period.

The saleroom will not deliver any lot to the buyers until they have been paid in full.

Clients can pay by credit card or bank transfer, for other forms please contact the Administration Dept.

Payments must be made out to MADRID SUBASTAS S.L.
They can make a transfer to the account:
Banco Sabadell Atlántico 0081 5125 59 0001098214
IBAN ES49 0081 5125 59 0001098214
Swift Code: BSA BES BB

After one month from the auction without the buyer has proceeded to pay and remove the lots awarded, GOYA SUBASTAS may terminate the sale without prejudice to legal actions that correspond and without the buyer has any right to your claim .

The withdrawal and / or organization of the transport of the allocated lots will be for the account of the clients and the saleroom will not be responsible for the possible damages once the allocated lots have been removed from the saleroom.

The saleroom will advise and facilitate, to the clients that request it, shipping companies specialized in transportation of works of art. The same will also apply in cases of obtaining export licenses.


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